USTRANSCOM is mandating the use of Electronic Inventories by 2023, and EDC® has your solution.

As confirmed in the 2022 Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) HHG Tender of Service (TOS), USTRANSCOM is mandating the use of electronic inventories for DoD personal property shipments effective 15 MAY 2023.

For 2022, these electronic, descriptive inventories are “strongly encouraged” by USTRANSCOM.

The hyperlinked TOS contains many specific requirements for digital (aka “electronic”) inventories and the required process, and our EDC® team is here to ensure that your teams have everything they need to meet these important requirements.

In order to assist our customers in preparing for and meeting this mandate, we have added our Digital Inventory app at no additional cost for all of our EasyDPS® users, as well as expanding the DOD shipment program to the agents and drivers for these DOD shipments.

Our Digital Inventory app has been in use by our EDC-MoveStar® Mobile customers for the past several years, and we provide free and flexible training to ensure that you and your team will be ready well in advance of the 15 MAY 2023 deadline.

Should USTRANSCOM require in the future that electronic inventories confirm to the ISO 17451-1 standard, our EDC(R) Digital Inventory app already supports ISO 17451-1, so you're covered!

Please continue to check here or the EDC® Digital Inventory Resource Hub for DOD updates as they become available.

You can also Contact Us with any questions or requests for assisting in your equipping, training, and adoption of Digital Inventories, or email