Meet our Board of Advisors

Major General Charles “Charlie” Fletcher, Jr. (Ret.)

CEO, Fletcher Consulting LLC

During his 37 years of military service, Maj. Gen. Charles W. Fletcher Jr. led numerous mobility and logistics commands. A Transportation Corps officer who served as the Commanding General of the 3rd Corps Support Command during Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Commanding General of the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command and retired from the military as the Director of Operations and Plans for the US Transportation Command, General Fletcher was the initial logistics planner and then commander of the Army's last major expeditionary deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom 1.

After military retirements, General Fletcher served as a Logistics Senior Mentor at NATO, and as President at McLane Advanced Technologies. In 2015, General Fletcher assumed the mantle of Chief Executive Officer at Fletcher Consulting LLC in 2015. In this role, he has continued to lead and shape the course of strategic leadership and management, leveraging his wealth of military experience and expertise. As a distinguished member of the EDC® Board of Advisors, General Fletcher brings a unique blend of military acumen, strategic brilliance, and leadership excellence.

Kimmo Piironen

CEO, Scan Wireless, Inc.

Kimmo Piironen is a multi-entrepreneur with a passion for solving technology multifaceted challenges – turning ideas into practical and mobile innovations. As the Founder and CEO of Scan Wireless, Inc. since 2000, Kimmo has been a driving force behind pioneering advancements in wireless barcoding and battery technology, catering to a global clientele. In addition to his role at Scan Wireless, Inc., Kimmo serves as the CEO of U-Smell-It™ LLC since 2020. U-Smell-It™ is a globally recognized XPRIZE-winning initiative, powered by Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®), that has developed a rapid olfactory smell test for large population screening and surveillance.

Kimmo's dedication to fostering innovation and serving a global clientele aligns seamlessly with EDC®'s mission of simplifying business and securing success through cutting-edge technology solutions. We've had the privilege of collaborating closely with Kimmo Piironen and his dynamic team on the groundbreaking U-Smell-It™ project, and we eagerly anticipate the continued collaboration and insights Kimmo will bring to our EDC® Board of Advisors. Kimmo Piironen's vast experience and global mindset are set to be pivotal in shaping EDC®'s strategic direction and ensuring continued success in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Charles “Chuck” White

Retired President, International Association of Movers (IAM)

Charles “Chuck” White has been involved in the moving industry since 1994 when he went to work for Executive Moving Systems in Woodbridge, VA. Previous to that Chuck worked as a high school teacher and football coach in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

During his time serving as Director of Sales & Marketing at Executive he was elected to a volunteer position on the Executive Committee of the International Association of Movers (IAM), formerly known as the Household Goods Forwards Association of America (HHGFAA). He served on that Committee for four years and in 2005 he joined the IAM staff as their Director of Government & Military Relations.

He held that position for 10 years and in 2015 Chuck was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President for the organization.

In January, 2019, Chuck became the President of IAM and retired from that organization in October, 2023.

Chuck holds a B.S. from the University of Maryland – College Park and a Masters of Education (MEd.) from George Mason University. In 2013 Chuck earned the designation of a Certified Association Executive (CAE) from the American Society of Association Executives.

Chuck is married to Becky and currently resides in Springfield, VA. He has two daughters, Breiana and Mikayla, and a stepson Corey Wise.

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