• Agents & your crews/drivers: use EDC-AgentLink® Inventory app included with your EDC-AgentLink® plan

  • TSPs & your crews/agents: use the EDC-MoveStar® Mobile inventory app included with your EasyDPS® and/or EDC-MoveStar®

  • If you’re a mover or moving company looking for a full move operations & management software, check out EDC-MoveStar®. EDC-MoveStar® also includes the EDC-MoveStar® Mobile inventory app at no additional cost

  • Includes EDC-AgentLink® Inventory App for completing Digital Inventories
  • For commercial, residential, COD, corporate, and/or DoD moves: USD $1,600/year
  • For only DoD moves: USD $750/year (waived until April 3rd, 2023)
  • There is no limit on the number of inventory app users
  • Get started today!
  • Includes EDC-MoveStar® Mobile App for completing Digital Inventories
  • Pricing varies and is custom to each business – please Contact Us for your pricing
  • There is no limit on the number of inventory app users
  • Learn more!

  • Absolutely! Our apps were designed to be used by movers & moving companies of all sizes, and they are prepped for all types of moves. Whether it’s a one-man operation, small business, or large company, we’ve got you covered. Click here to get started, or Contact us to learn more!

  • If you are looking for an all-inclusive moving & operations management software, check out EDC-MoveStar® or Contact Us to learn more.

Great news! Military forms are included in the EDC-MoveStar® and EDC-AgentLink® Inventory apps, & they’ll be automatically filled out once the inventory is completed, if they are needed.

  • Absolutely! Anyone completing the inventory via our app can add preexisting damages to items as well as multiple photos per item.

  • To save time, we have a pre-loaded list of common preexisting damages, so there is no need to type them out every time.

  • The damages will be included in the final inventory report & will be visible to the service member.

  • The inventory, along with the pre-existing damage are also sent to the claim adjusters in the EasyDPS® claims module so they have them available in the event the service member files a claim.

Yes! You can upload one or multiple photos per item onto your inventory directly from any of our apps.

  • Obtaining a signature is fast & easy. Once the digital inventory is completed, the inventory specialist will be able to see the finalized inventory report with just one tap. The service member will then be able to sign the report on the spot – no printing needed.

  • The inventory specialist can also email the completed & signed report directly to the service member, if needed.

  • If you’re an agent completing an inventory for a TSP, the finalized, signed inventory report will sync directly with your TSP’s EasyDPS® & claims module.

With the EDC®-MoveStar® Mobile and EDC-AgentLink® Inventory apps, adding items to your digital inventory takes seconds. Contact us to book a demo and see for yourself.

Whether on the same day or across multiple days, you may have more than one person contributing to the inventory, & all additions and/or changes to the inventory will automatically sync once there is an Internet connection.

Yes! The EDC-MoveStar® Mobile and EDC-AgentLink® Inventory applications arenative apps, which means you can use it to complete your inventory without Internet. Once you’ve gained an Internet connection, the inventory information will sync with your systems and/or TSPs.

Great news! With the EDC-MoveStar® Mobile and EDC-AgentLink® Inventory apps, you can send the completed inventory report to service members on the spot, with just a tap.

No problem! When you become part of the EDC® community of users, you’ll be connected to GOgistiX®, the real-time data exchange network that connects the moving industry. Via GOgistiX®, all of your software systems are able to communicate. So, even if you are using a non-EDC® software system to manage your moves, accounting, etc., you can still use our Digital Inventory app & the data will seamlessly sync with your existing systems. To learn more, Contact Us.

Great news! At EDC®, we have a suite of software systems designed in collaboration with the moving industry, for the moving industry:
  • EDC-MoveStar®: End-to-end move & operations management
  • WYNPIPE™;: Lead CRM, quotes & automations
  • GOgistiX®: Data exchange, communications & integrations
  • EasyTariff™;: Rates & comp plans for shared shipments
  • EDC-AgentLink®: Agent connectivity for agents worldwide
  • EasyDPS®: The only commercial solution for DoD interface, move management, and supply chain
  • And more!
Contact Us to book a demo & get started.

Please Contact Us or email inventory@edcus.com for any additional questions.
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