Shipment Management Connecting Companies Connect seamlessly and securely with customers, service partners, and between internal teams to receive new business, share updates, and accelerate performance. Save time, compete across time zones, and enjoy flexibility to connect and communicate based on customer preference.
Sales Simplifying Business Streamline processes, eliminate data entry redundancies, and reduce tedious, manual tasks with our smart solutions that bring efficiencies and harness automations to increase productivity, unify process compliance, and give your teams the power to excel.
Sales Securing Success Attract and win more opportunities; leverage smart workflows to consistently and reliably excel with your best-practices; increase client satisfaction through increased performance, compliance, and analytics. Understand your greatest opportunities and challenges to manage to greater success.


Our people and our technology expertise have been helping companies large and small to achieve their dreams for more than two decades.

We help you grow and win more business; we enable greater efficiencies and streamlining so that you can do more, and do it with greater outcomes.

We listen to your challenges and dreams, and we develop solutions that empower you to achieve and dream to the next level. We love our customers, and we love what we do!

We changed the moving industry

One of our longest industry partnerships has been in support of the Moving industry. We designed and developed the defining connectivity network and software that empower movers to send and receive shipments, manage operations, streamline and unify, automate workflows, and flexibly communicate with customers, partners, and clients on business collaborations. Though a huge and complex endeavor, it was a hallmark project that demonstrated what EDC® would become known for: customer-centric, highly supported solutions that enable companies to save time and meet important SLAs for increased business success.

When our customers saw the success that EDC® solutions such as EDC-MoveStar® and GOgistiX® brought in move and operations management, they reached out for help with another challenge, and the resulting solution became EasyDPS®, enabling greater ease-of-use and more consistent performance for Movers supporting the US Department of Defense.

EDC® has continued to listen to the needs and wants of customers and the industry with our expanding suite of move management, process automation, and other industry solutions, such as EasyTariff™, for quick and easy rate calculation, and most recently, WYNPIPE™, the lead nurturing and automation solution for winning more business. Whether domestic or international; commercial, government, or COD; customer, employee, or service partner – EDC® connects business!

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