Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®) was founded in February 2001 with an initial focus on custom software development for other software companies and direct commercial customers.

What began with $500 and a dream soon saw a contract with the Virginia Port Authority (VPA). In the early years, EDC®completed a large number of custom developments projects for a variety of customers in multiple industries such as supermarkets, construction, medical collections and others.

Since then, we’ve developed several industry leading software solutions (desktop and mobile) for the moving industry, such as
®, EasyDPS®, GOgistiX®, EasyTariff™️ and most recently WYNPIPE®.

At our core, we’re a customer success company, accomplishing this through innovative and responsive technology and software solutions, and through our network of customers and community support initiatives, we continue to be presented with exciting challenges and opportunities to provide smart solutions to a variety of industries. Our development team is currently working on an exciting, early-indicator COVID-19 product, in addition to many other initiatives.

And yes, we’re still loving that decision made those 23 years ago.

Here are some of the major milestones throughout the years.