Rate using compensation agreements
Web-based solution for rating from anywhere based on your own tariffs
Rate against partner and client/RMC tariffs
Online access to industry standard tariffs such as GSA 500A and 400NG
What is EasyTariff™?
Easily calculate rates against industry tariffs, such as the 400NG and GSA 500A, as well your own e-tariff, and the tariffs of other companies that have granted you rating permissions. Share permissions to others to rate against your tariff(s). Simple and secure!
I need a tariff - can you help?
Yes! Through EasyTariff™, we can provide an electronic tariff meeting your specifications, based on the old 400N structure. You can rate & audit against your e-tariff within your EasyTariff™ system
Who can rate against my tariff?
Only those companies for whom you have granted rating permissions. You grant permissions, and you can remove permissions at any time
Do my permitted users see my tariff?
No one sees your tariff. If you’ve granted rating permissions to a company, they can rate using defined shipment criteria, but they never see your tariff itself
What is a seat?
A seat refers to the number of users in your company who can be simultaneously logged in to EasyTariff™. You can create an unlimited number of users under the company account. The number of users who can log in at the same time is limited to the number of seats that your company has licensed
Can my team and I rate against our own tariff(s)?
Absolutely! If you’ve uploaded one or a few of your company tariffs, your company’s users can rate against your tariffs in EasyTariff™
We update tariffs and surcharges so you don’t have to – and, best of all, you can start using EasyTariff™ today in less than 5 minutes!
Yearly License
  • Compensation agreements
  • Access to 400NG and GSA 500A tariffs
  • Access to rate against any tariffs that are shared to your company, including other movers’, or RMC/Mobility program tariffs for accurate supply chain rating and auditing
  • Unlimited user accounts under your company account
  • Unlimited calculations
  • Calculations history
  • Two seats