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Web Development

Websites and web applications, including front end (what your customers see and log in through) and backend (the server side). We design and build web applications and systems from scratch, while protecting security and optimizing system performance.


Mobile app development

We design and develop mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Whether you need an app for your internal enterprise use, or you have a great solution for the consumer market, we have the experience and skills to support you through the entire process, from design to market release.

Data mining

Desktop app development

If your business needs an application that can be installed on desktop and is customizable and scalable, our desktop application development services can help you develop solutions for specific platforms or cross-platforms, and can advise based on our extensive expertise. Ability to work offline (without relying on web connectivity), security, performance, integration needs, and data control are some of the reasons why businesses choose a desktop solution over a web application.

Integrated systems

Systems Integration

Your software should communicate as well as your staff does. If you’ve invested in different software packages to meet each department’s needs, we can integrate those systems to share data, eliminate double data entry, and increase productivity.


Database Development

Data is an invaluable asset to your business, and its protection is our priority. We specialize in database-driven solutions that make updating your records easier, provide better reporting options and allow secure, remote access.


.NET, VB, C3, Java, JScript, SQL, HTML, PHP, iOS, Android, Angular, Git, Python, jQuery, CSS2, VBA, Ajax, C#, and others

Customer service
We’re known for long-term relationships, consultative expertise, and customer service. We’ve supported many of our current customers and their growing business needs since 2006.
You contract with a US company, with long-term experience in developing and supporting complex software applications across several vertical markets.
You work with a company that has global experience supporting customers across the globe, with thousands of users spanning diverse countries and continents.
We have experience developing for and supporting requirements for security, encryption, GDPR, sensitive medical and government data.
Culture of collaboration
We’re known for our culture of collaboration both with our customers and internally.
We’ve celebrated more than two decades of business and our key senior employees have been with us for over 15 years. We have a great team and we’re an employer of choice for great talent.
US Medical Programs Eligibility Program in support of hospital collections- web application supporting hundreds of users and integrations with hospitals across the United States.
Integration with US government system for awarding moves; 24/7 bi-directional communication; government access rules compliant.
  • Award winning application for an early and rapid detection COVID-19 indicator test that points to the loss of the sense of smell.
  • Household moving app for moving customers allowing them to track the status of their move, in support of commercial, residential, US DoD and other government jobs.
Application for construction company to assign materials for crews daily based on the job, and to track materials inventory in real time.
Aggregating sensitive data securely from thousands of companies to provide reports and real-time alert/notifications of prior claim events, for the prevention of claims fraud.