Complete solution for movers, crews, agents, drivers, & TSPs

Whether you’re a mover, agent, driver, or TSP, our easy-to-use Digital Inventory apps, EDC-AgentLink® Inventory & EDC-MoveStar® Mobile, help you stay connected to your move partners. You can complete digital inventories, record pre-existing damages & add photos, obtain service member signatures electronically, & more!

Our apps are great for all move types (DoD, commercial, residential, COD, corporate, etc.), as well as for all types of roles, company sizes, & tech levels.

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Free training Supported Supported by the most experienced Digital Inventory team in the industry for DoD, commercial, residential, COD, & corporate moves
Integrated Digital Inventories Complete digital inventories from our mobile applications, EDC-AgentLink® Inventory & EDC-MoveStar® Mobile
Third-party software Data exchange ready Exchange data & documents with moving companies all over the world, securely & in real time
Mobile devices Apple and Android Our Digital Inventory apps work with both types of devices
Internet connectivity Works all the time No Internet connectivity needed
User-friendly interface Ease of use User-friendly app for all roles & tech levels
USTRANSCOM Connects via GOgistiX® A worldwide data exchange network that connects you to your US & global partners & that has supported over 4.8 million moves to date
For US DoD jobs:
Manage blackouts Your data syncs automatically with TSPs & with DPS
Email notifications Shipment update workflow in compliance with the required DoD move update requirements
Shipment offers Complete move actions based on the role assigned to you by the TSP (origin and/or destination services)
GOgistiX profile Enter shipment updates within the restrictions set up by the TSPs
Exchange data and documents Access DoD forms
Powerfull reports Exchange notes and documents with your TSP (not for updating the DoD system)
GOgistiX profile Have your CSS scores for your shipments sent to you automatically
Exchange data and documents Complete digital inventories
Powerfull reports Inventory application supports the ISO standard and the DoD business requirements
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I’m worried about how I’ll train my crew to complete digital inventories. Can you help?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We understand that some team members are more comfortable with technology than others, and we also know that that not everyone sits in an office available for “business hours” training.

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