Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®) Recognized as a Top 100 Tech Company in The Greater Washington/Virginia Community by the NVTC

Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®) is excited to announce its recognition as a 2022 NVTC Tech 100 Company. The award, presented by the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), the trade association representing the National Capital Region’s technology community & one of the nation's largest technology councils, honors the top innovative companies and leaders in the region’s technology community. The NVTC Tech 100 awards program highlights EDC® as a cutting-edge company who is driving innovation, implementing new solutions for its customers, and contributing to the region’s economic growth.

“2022 has been a year of tremendous growth for our region’s technology hub, thanks to the dynamic companies and individuals who are innovating and making a positive impact in the world. Their contributions are the reason our region is one of the nation’s most vibrant and collaborative technology communities,” said Jennifer Taylor, President and CEO of NVTC. “NVTC congratulates Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®) for going above and beyond within their company and in their respective industries. Even in these unprecedented times of record levels of high-inflation and hybrid-work, the future of our region’s tech community is brighter than ever, because of the momentous contributions of these leaders and companies.”

EDC®, founded in 2001 in Prince William County, Virginia, has been revolutionizing the way companies do business for over two decades with its software solutions that have increased profits, encouraged & simplified worldwide connections, & facilitated digital transformations across a multitude of industries, including healthcare, moving & relocation, construction, & more. Some of EDC®’s notable software projects include an award-winning application for an early and rapid detection COVID-19 indicator test, a web application supporting hundreds of users and integrations with hospitals across the United States, & an Integration with US government Department of Defense (DoD) system for awarding moves.

EDC® Co-founder & President Diana Corona and Co-founder Richard Corona’s visionary leadership has secured EDC®'s growth and stability over the last 21 years. Their open and trust-based approach seeks to empower team members, encourages idea-sharing & collaboration, and inspires all to think in new ways. EDC® has more than doubled its workforce in the past year due to increased customer wins & demand, and continues to be proudly headquartered in Gainesville, Northern Virginia.

“We’re extremely proud to be an honoree of the 2022 Tech 100 Company awards,” said Diana Corona. “This recognition commends our excellence, hard work, leadership, & achievements in the technology industry over the past two decades, and paves the way for the next 20 years of growth, stability, and success, both for EDC® & for the entire Northern Virginia technology community.”

About Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®)For more than two decades, EDC®, based in Prince William County, Virginia, has been revolutionizing the way that companies do business with commercial and custom software solutions that simplify and connect. One of their longest industry partnerships has been in support of the Moving and Storage industry. EDC® designed and developed solutions, such as EasyDPS®, EDC-MoveStar®, GOgistiX®, EDC-AgentLink® that have long been embraced by the moving and storage industry to manage various lines of business, streamline operations, and to communicate with shippers, moving partners and vendors across the world. Today, EDC® develops and supports commercial and custom software solutions in several vertical markets which include global transportation and mobility, healthcare (medical revenue management), technology, and others.

Connect with EDC® at www.edcus.com or at info@edcus.com