EDC Makes Better Movers

For two decades, Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC) has been revolutionizing the way that companies do business. We are best known in the moving and storage industry for developing the leading worldwide, independent move management and communication network for moving companies, agents, suppliers and shippers, and for delivering software solutions that seamlessly manage every detail of commercial, residential and government moves.

ConnectedInstantly connected to your customers and partners
MobileYour company, crews and customers on the go
AgileSoftware that adapts to the way your company works

Our history

  • On February 28, 2020 we turned 19 years old! Time flies when you are having fun! Thank you to all our customers, employees, partners, and vendors for 19 years of confidence, support, and innovation!

  • The 57th Annual IAM Annual Meeting & Expo was held on October 3-6, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. One of the largest events in the moving & storage industry, the event attracts professionals from throughout the country and, among those exhibiting was Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC).

    EDC is a leader in software that serves the moving & storage industry, from the communication network GOgistiX® to mobile apps like EDC-MoveStar® Mobile and EDC-AgentLink®. Since 2003, EDC has pioneered technology that has transformed the industry, simplified work processes and created a more cohesive process for movers.

    “We are proud to serve the moving industry, and to sponsor at the IAM Annual Meeting”, says Diana Corona, President of EDC. “Creating solutions that work in DOD, commercial and COD moves – while being flexible enough to manage all of each move’s unknowns – is a challenge we eagerly accept.”

    EDC did far more than exhibit at this year’s expo. Partnering with Move for Hunger and IAM Here 2 Help, EDC sponsored the first annual Pack-A-Palooza, a packing and loading competition that attendees can enter to see if they’ve still got “what it takes” to be an expert mover. The competition was judged and measured by using a custom app that EDC developed for the event, and proceeds from the competition went to benefit Move for Hunger and IAM Here to Help.

  • For the second year in a row, Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC)  is partnering with Move for Hunger. This non-profit organization works with relocation companies to collect non-perishable food items and deliver them to food banks across North America.

    In addition to being a Move for Hunger Patron Partner, EDC is assisting through its software, the TrakGX™ shipper mobile application. Using the app, shippers can access information on the Move for Hunger organization and its efforts and can notify moving companies, before the pickup date, that they have food items available for donation. The moving companies track and report on the food items directly from EDC-MoveStar®.

    “So much unnecessary food waste comes from situations where people move and simply don’t want to bring food with them,” says Diana Corona, President of EDC. “We hope that integrating a feature into our software will simplify the process of getting this food into the right hands, making food donations more frequent.”

  • On February 28, 2019 we turned 18 years old! We are growing up but remain young at heart! Thank you to all EDC customers, employees, partners and vendors for 18 years of amazing innovation, partnerships, and friendships!

  • We are proud to announce the launch of our new Customer Service Portal. The goal of the new EDC Customer Service Portal is to be the place where customers can interact with our Customer Service Team, find resources and answers to their questions, and view company historical information. In phase one which has now been completed, registered users can submit and monitor the status of the tickets submitted by themselves or by other users from the same company directly from the Customer Service Portal, by telephone, or by writing to CustomerService@edcus.net. In the next phases customers will be able to submit and monitor the status of company requests and feedback for product enhancement as well as access informational and training materials. The new Customer Service Portal can be accessed at https://csportal.edcus.com

  • Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC) is excited to announce that Virtual Moving Technologies (VMT) has joined the GOgistiX® network. Through this new partnership, VMT’s virtual surveys services will be made available to all EDC customers. EDC-MoveStar® and EasyDPS users will be able to sign up, order, monitor, and pay for virtual surveys services directly from EDC-MoveStar® and EasyDPS. Shippers will use EDC’s TrakGX mobile application to be guided through the survey process. VMT’s virtual survey services will be available to domestic and international customers for residential, commercial, military, and other government moves. Please join us at booth 541 at the IAM Conference to learn more.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC) is excited to be the 2018 International Association of Movers Conference Sponsor as well as Gold Sponsor. The conference will take place in National Harbor in October. We have exciting news to share! Please join us at booth 541!

  • We are proud to announce that we have become a Move for Hunger Patron Partner. In addition to our financial commitment to help fight hunger, we are contributing in other ways as well. Shippers can now donate food directly from the TrakGX mobile application and moving companies can track the donation directly from EasyDPS and EDC-MoveStar®. Visit https://www.edcus.com/moveforhunger/ for more information.

  • We are proud to introduce EDC-MoveStar® Mobile, a suite of mobile applications for operations managers, move coordinators, and warehouse managers. The mobile applications are included with EDC-MoveStar® (www.EDC-MoveStar.com) and are available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. EDC-MoveStar® Mobile will be formally introduced at the IAM Conference in Long Beach, California in October 2017 where we will be exhibiting and conducting product demonstrations at booth 800.

    EasyDPS (www.EasyDPS.com), the two-way interface to DPS beloved by many of our customers, is getting a facelift! A new, modern EasyDPS interface with a new engine, workflow tools, and a new engine that allows for growth will be formally introduced at the IAM Conference in Long Beach, California in October 2017 where we will be exhibiting and conducting product demonstrations at booth 800.

    GOgistiX® Mobile www.GOgistiXMobile.com, the suite of mobile applications for the moving company crews featuring surveys, estimates, and inventory is now also available for Android devices. The update will be formally introduced at the IAM Conference in Long Beach, California in October 2017 where we will be exhibiting and conducting product demonstrations at booth 800.

    We have just returned from O’Fallon, Illinois where we attended the SDDC Personal Property Forum. As always, the sessions were informative and we got to see a lot of our customers.

  • We have new offices! As our company kept on growing, the need for a bigger office was clearer than ever. After many months of searching for the right place, we found the perfect building, strategically located for our employees, excellent size, great condition, and of course with a good price. :).

    Able Moving & Storage came to our rescue and did an oustanding job handling the job. If you want to read more about our move please visit our blog>

  • We are extremely excited to launch TrakGX™, the shipper app that connects shippers to moving companies. TrakGX™ turns the shipper’s mobile device into the main shipper-carrier communications hub. TrakGX™ is part of the GOgistiX® Mobile suite of mobile applications (www.GOgistiXMobile.com) which are included for free with EDC-MoveStar®, our comprehensive move management system (www.EDC-MoveStar.com).

    Visit www.TrakGX.com for more information.

    We really enjoyed talking to our current customers and getting to know new ones at the IAM Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana! We feel very proud about how well-received our new products were. We thank IAM and our entire user community for such a great annual meeting.

  • We’re excited to launch EDC-AgentLink, a new tool that makes communication between agents and their partners easier than ever. It’s a free, web-based system that agents can use to streamline their shipment processes and make peak season a breeze. Claim your free account today at www.EDC-AgentLink.com.

  • We’re proud to announce the launch of our newest operations management software, EDC-MoveStar®! Cutting edge tools paired with a seamless design will help revolutionize the way you do business. Join us at www.EDC-MoveStar.com.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation proudly launches the EasyDPS training and certification program which offers EasyDPS users advanced training on the system. The program certifies uses in shipment management, claims, billing, quality assurance, and system administration.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation is proud to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has recently registered EDC-AgentLink, EDC-MoveStar® and EDC-Fleet as federally registered mark of Enterprise Database Corporation.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation is proud to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has recently registered EDC-PointofSale as a federally registered mark of Enterprise Database Corporation.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC) is proud to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently registered the EasyDPS, EDC-AgentLink®and EDC-Contact logos as federally registered marks of Enterprise Database Corporation.

    Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC) launches the newly redesigned www.edcus.com website.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation under the direction of the International Association of Movers, the American Moving and Storage Association, and industry members, has launched www.TSPContact.com that is intended to be used by all DOD-approved TSPs as a database of points of contact that SDDC personnel, PPSOs and service members will use to find the appropriate points of contact for the moving and storage company that has been awarded a move.

  • The Enterprise Database Corporation logo has been registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as our company’s federally recognized service mark.

    Enterprise Database Corporation launches GOgistiX- a worldwide communication network for moving companies, agents, claims adjusters and other parties that provide move services.

    GOgistiX helps transportation companies, agents, and claims adjusters exchange shipment and claims data, documents, and notes. GOgistiX helps eliminate shipment processing delays, multiple data entry and errors associated with manual data entry. Third-party billing services, claims adjustors, and software vendors can also connect to the GOgistiX® network thereby ensuring a seamless communication among all the parties involved with the move.

    For more information about GOgistiX, please visit www.GOgistiX.com

  • Enterprise Database Corporation negotiates with IdenTrust substantial discounts for EasyDPS customers for the purchase of the SDDC-required digital certificates.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation becomes a Governing Member of the International Association of Movers (IAM). Enterprise Database Corporation initially joined IAM as an Associate Member.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation becomes a member of the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA).

  • Enterprise Database Corporation is launching EDC-AgentLink, a software solution that simplifies the data exchanges and communication between TSPs that do business in DPS and agents worldwide.

    EasyDPS is the seamless data interface to DPS developed by Enterprise Database Corporation.

    EDC-AgentLink®helps agents save time , cut costs, and improve customer service through features such as aggregated SCAC and shipment management, blacking out of receiving shipments from TSPs, customized alerts, and instant messaging with the TSPs.

    For more information about EDC-AgentLink, please visit us at www.EDC-AgentLink.com.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as an associate member of the Virginia Movers and Warehousemen’s Association.

    Enterprise Database Corporation has joined the National Defense Transportation Association(www.ndtahq.com) as a sustaining member. Enterprise Database Corporation is a developer of software integration products for the moving and storage and transportation industries and publisher of EasyDPS and EDC-MoveStar®. In addition, Enterprise Database Corporation provides customers from the transportation and moving and storage industries with custom software development, systems integration, legacy system conversion, data warehousing, application hosting, data-driven and static web development, and web hosting services.

    Richard Corona has been confirmed as a member of the Technology and Communications Committee of the International Association of Movers (www.iamovers.org).

  • Pasha licenses EasyDPS
    Enterprise Database Corporation is pleased to announce that The Pasha Group, a premier provider of transportation, relocation, and logistics services worldwide based in Corte Madera, California, has contracted with Enterprise Database Corporation to license a customized version of our award-winning EasyDPS solution for implementation at their headquarters and their customers’ sites in preparation for the launch of the government-mandated Defense Personal Property System.

    The customized version of EasyDPS allows Pasha’s customers to receive and accept orders from the Defense Personal Property System automatically while at the same time sending their shipment data to Pasha for those areas for which Pasha is a general agent or provides local services.

    We are honored that The Pasha Group has decided to adopt and use our EasyDPS solution as part of their efforts to prepare their customers for the deployment of the Defense Personal Property System and pleased that The Pasha Group who is known for its focus on customer service has joined our growing list of EasyDPS customers.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation has been nominated for an “Excellence in Business” Award in the Louis E. Maroon Business of the Year category for the growth, development, and accomplishments of the past few years; the award is given by the Prince William County-Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce. The winners will be announced on May 20, 2008.

  • We have moved! Effective December 1, 2007 our new address is 7900 Sudley Road, 7th Floor, Manassas, VA 20109.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation is proud to have been awarded the 2007 Innovative Business Practice Award by the Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce for the innovative use of our EDC-AppServ development platform in a manner that enables us to develop on-demand, user-friendly, secure, flexible, and affordable software solutions which reflect our customers’ unique experience and business processes. This innovative approach is the foundation of all our business products and the underlying principle of our software and network services.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation is featured in the business newsletter published by the Prince William County Department of Economic Development for winning the 2007 Technology Achievement Award.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation is featured in the Inprint magazine published by the Prince William County-Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce for winning the 2007 Technology Achievement Award.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation is proud to be the winner of the 2007 Technology Achievement Award. Enterprise Database Corporation won the award for developing EDC-EasyDPS, an integration solution that enables moving and storage companies that do business with the government to comply with the federally-mandated Defense Personal Property System (DPS). The winner was announced on May 17th during the Business Appreciation Lunch held at the Bull Run Hall at the Prince William Campus of George Mason University.

    Enterprise Database Corporation is pleased to announce that in May 2007 we have joined the Household Goods Forwarders Association of America, Inc. as Associate Member.

    Mr. Richard Corona received on behalf on Enterprise Database Corporation the “Proclamation of Business Appreciation Week” from Mr. Corey Stewart, Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, as part of the Technology Achievement Award series of events organized by the Prince William County Department of Economic Development.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation is launching EDC-MoveStar®, a state-of-the art moving and storage software solution that addresses the business needs of carriers, agents and forwarders doing commercial, military and residential moves. EDC-MoveStar® has been developed using moving and storage industry expertise, is user-friendly and has functionalities that enable the users to complete tasks from anywhere at any time. In addition, EDC_MoveStar® incorporates our EDC-EasyDPS solution that helps our moving and storage customers comply with the DPS requirements. For more information about EDC-MoveStar® or EDC-EasyDPS please visit the Products section of our website or contact us via email at Sales@EDCUS.com or by telephone at 703.393.0440 extension 500.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation is pleased to announce our latest memberships in the following organizations: – The Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce – The Air Conditioning Contractors of America as Associate Member – The Plumbing & Mechanical Professionals of Virginia as Affiliate Member

    Enterprise Database Corporation is pleased to announce that on January 1, 2007, Ms. Diana Corona took over the position of Chairman of the Business Growth and Development Committee of the Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation opened a research and development office in San Salvador, El Salvador which consists of an initial group of five software developers. The office is expected to grow to a team of ten members by the end of this year.

  • Enterprise Database Corporation was featured in the Business Link newsletter of the Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce in the article “The Right Place at the Right Time: Beneficial Partnerships Built Through the Region’s Chamber”. The article addresses the business relationship between Enterprise Database Corporation and Collision Pro, an EDC customer, and the way in which the Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce brought our two companies together.

  • On Tuesday, August 23, 2005 Enterprise Database Corporation was featured in the business section of the Washington Post. The article is as follows:

    Small Firms Spark Job Growth in Prince William

    By Jenalia Moreno Washington Post Staff Writer.

    Tuesday, August 23, 2005; The technology company where H. Richard Corona worked went bust in 2001, so he headed for his basement.

    That’s where the Woodbridge resident and his wife, Diana Corona, started Enterprise Database Corp., which helps businesses by creating Web sites, designing software and managing networks.

    Today, Enterprise Database Corp. employs nine full-time and eight part-time workers and three more jobs are being added, making it another example of the kind of small businesses that are contributing to Prince William County’s growth.

    In December, Prince William ranked as the sixth fastest-growing county in the nation in terms of percentage increase in jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, while Loudoun County was a notch above at fifth place. Prince William was home to 61,000 businesses employing 99,000 workers as of December 2004, a 6.6 percent employment gain compared with December 2003, the labor department reported last month.

    While the FBI and Eli Lilly and Co. will employ more than 300 workers each after their facilities open inside the Innovation@Prince William business park in a few years, most of the job growth has been fueled by small companies.

    “Small businesses are really a key component to our county’s growth,” said Martin J. Briley, the county’s director of economic development. The region’s well-educated and highly trained workforce, he said, has attracted government contractors and technology companies.

    His office has the job of persuading big multinational corporations such as Eli Lilly to expand in the county and of holding the hand of small companies like Enterprise Database Corp.

    In 2003, Corona’s basement business was expanding, and he needed to hire his first employees. It was time to find an office. He searched the region carefully. Rent and services were too expensive in Fairfax. Loudoun was too far from his home. Prince William had good Internet connectivity and good prices. It was just right, he found.

    Unsure of how to take those first steps, he turned to the county for help.

    “Coming out of the basement is a scary proposition,” said Corona, whose client list primarily includes small businesses in Maryland, Virginia and the District.

    County economic development officials drove him to various office buildings, talked to landlords on his behalf and helped with permits.

    Average wages have been somewhat low in Prince William, driven down by a number of part-time and retail jobs, but Linda D. Decker, president and chief executive of the Flory Small Business Center Inc. in Prince William, said she expects that to change.

    “You have a highly educated, competent workforce and now I believe they’re making demands,” Decker said.

    Corona finds that technology employees in Prince William don’t earn any less than they would in the District and he has to compete with the government for the best workers.

    He said many of his employees live in the area and choose to work for him to avoid the “torture drive” on Interstates 66 and 95.

    “We’ve been able to get more people because it’s a reverse commute,” Corona said.

    His company is growing because it targets a niche market of small businesses that need technology services but can’t afford a full-time information technology employee, he said. Because he offers Spanish-language service, he can also cater to the fast-growing Hispanic-owned business market.

    But to offer affordable services to these small companies and earn a profit, he needs to have plenty of customers. And so one of his new employees will be a salesperson.

    © 2005, The Washington Post Company.

  • On October 20, 2004 Enterprise Database Corporation was certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE).

    Our company has been added to the Certified Vendors Listing of the Virginia DMBE and is registered with eVA (the Virginia electronic procurement portal) as a business qualified to participate in Virginia’s SWAM Program.

  • H. Richard Corona, President and CEO of EDC, was recognized as Volunteer of 2003 by the Women’s Business Center of Northern Virginia (WBC NoVa) in a ceremony held on September 10, 2003.

    The award was handed by Ms. Barbara Wrigley, Executive Director of the WBC NoVa.

    “Richard Corona, President & CEO, of Enterprise Database Corporation donated close to $15,000 of brilliant technical support to the Women’s Business Center within the past year, saving staff countless hours of manual data entry into the U.S. Small Business Administration’s new Electronic Data Management Information System.

    The new process Richard configured allows direct uploads of statistical data from our current database, tracking the Center’s hours of training and consulting work. Thank you, Richard!”

    In September 2003, we moved into a new office located at 7900 Sudley Road, 8th Floor, Manassas, Virginia. Our office relocation was the result of our growing customer base and personnel needs. We decided to remain headquartered in Prince William County where we were welcomed and assisted at every step.

EDC has partnered with Move for Hunger to help put food in the hands that need it.