The GOgistiX network is simplifying communication between movers, agents and service providers all over the world.

How much of your time is wasted sending emails, faxes and phone calls? The GOgistiX network is hard at work to change that. All of our products are GOgistiX-enabled, meaning you can exchange data, forms, documents, surveys and shipments without sending a single fax or picking up the phone. Our customers are using the network to eliminate costly data delays, clerical errors and other inaccuracies. Regardless of what system you use, if it’s integrated with the GOgistiX network, you’ll eliminate double data entry, saving money and staff time. Plus, GOgistiX-enabled vendors can offer their services and savings to our users.

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Carriers, agents, forwarders, packers, claims adjusters, repair firms and billing companies worldwide exchange data and documents on the
GOgistiX network.
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